Combatfootage CombatfootageThen when he stops doing what we want and gasses Kurds and invades Kuwait, we try to topple him leading to the rise of …. Air power played a decisisve role during the war as the German Luftwaffe was. Rules - Must be footage of combat - No reposts - Video must be embed-able on the official Lemmy site. All the good combat footage has been taken down. ‘Sabotaging’ The Space Station – Days Before Launch, China Says It Unearthed A Jammer That Was Disrupting Its Mission …. Ukrainian Combat Footage Sept, 29th : r/CombatFootage. Israeli undercover unit ambush an Islamic Jihad and a Hamas operative in the middle of a crowded street. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. There’s a 6 year old boy under the victims. Redirecting to /r/CombatFootage/comments/172yaei/. By exploring the Combat Footage section, you embark on a visual journey through the chaos and courage of combat. Sizes: 5-11, in half sizes and two widths. If your foot odor is noticeable, you can try soaking your feet. The images are of a piece with many others circulating on social media and elsewhere, and important for what they depict. Extreme Close Combat Footage. r/CombatFootage • by blako92 A Ukrainian machine gunner and a grenade launcher let a Russian assault group get closer to their positions and, waiting for the right moment, open fire on the enemy. I've compiled a list of combat footage from Mexico, including cartel violence and shootouts with Mexican Police/Army/Marines. it/1735vck @r_combatfootage Iron Dome interceptions over Zikim, Israel captured by CNN https://redd. Mature Content] r/CombatFootage on Reddit: Drone …. It was probly taken down cause it was more a massacre than combat footage. Graphic War Content Download Combat Footage. Iraqi snipers often deliberately aimed at …. According to initial reports, the …. Liveleak has been dead since like 2016. An entire duffel bag, filled with D-Day footage. r/CombatFootage on Reddit: Lancet strike on a German …. These are the updates on the Israel-Hamas war for Wednesday, November 1. If I were the 22 SAS guy (Craighead) the situation is so fucked up taking footage would be the. Get app Get the Reddit app Log In Log in to Reddit. The casual walk past the wounded comrade makes me think there was no love lost between them. Many videos show them bum rushing with suppressive fire, while their enemies would run away. A Palestinian militant gets shot dead after throwing a Molotov at an Israeli base. The end of the vietnam war was 1975. Browse Getty Images' premium collection of high-quality, authentic Ukraine War stock videos and stock. The concept of Computer virus, Spread virus animation World Map Credits To NASA : https. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Welcome to Combat Footage Archive, where you may get uncut footage from the world's most dramatic wars and conflicts. You would be actually fighting, which is very different than counterinsurgency. And the calculation of the enemy's UAV was destroyed. Soldiers fighting for Ukraine appear to shoot a Russian prisoner of war outside a village west of Kyiv in a video posted online. Marines with Company B, 1st Reconna. RAW War & UNEDITED: Ukraine forces opened fire on LPR positions with artillery, sniper fire, and small arms breaking Minsk agreements. Russia’s Defense Ministry and the pro-war Telegram channels are circulating combat footage from Velyka Novosilka, claiming that it heralds nothing less than the start of a large-scale Ukrainian counteroffensive. Have you particularly watched this vid, the channel aggregated the clips of him, you might get new ones there. One of the Greatest Fighting Forces in the World"RLTW"credit goes to BenningTV, Funker530, and the US army Rangers. A festering wound that stinks is definitely a sign to seek medical attention. Afghanistan Combat Footages from U. Actual Combat Footage of the Battle of the Philippines Sea. Afghanistan HD Pov GoPro Helmet Camera footage of US Special Operations (SpecOps) in action in the Afghan desert. several casualties are visible. Categories Video Army World War II Marine Corps Shock and Awe Combat Navy Air Force. Ukraine-Russia War 🇺🇦🇷🇺(Only Footage) @uk_ru_war. A handful of children getting blown up by a shell probly shouldn’t be on Reddit. Tech innovations on the front line have brought the violence of …. Expert breaks down 'major deal' of Russian retreat on Black Sea. Drone footage from the Ukrainian battlefield has captured the heroic final moments of a Ukrainian soldier surrounded by Russian troops as he tries to hold off the enemy alone in World War-style trench warfare. For all things about AFV's in general. You would think they would bring some of their guided munitions for such a. NSFW Ukraine war footage uncensored: Russian Ivan goes into pieces after precise drone strike. Only records of how the armed forces of Ukraine fuck russians. Ukraine Discussion/Question Thread - 10/25/22+. Video site LiveLeak, best known for hosting gruesome footage that mainstream rivals wouldn’t touch, has shut down after fifteen years in operation. Various Apache helicopter engagements throughout Afghanistan. Collection Login View 856 pictures and videos and enjoy CombatFootage with the endless random gallery on Scrolller. Fame is rewarded to players for interacting with the world of Albion, referred to as experience in other games. Combat Camera most recent photos. Ukraine was simply the 1st to make use of full-fledged drone warfare using them. It would result in even greater sanctions against Russia and the occupation too would cost Russia billions over the next decade. F-16, callsign Stroke 3, dodging 6 SAM launches during Desert Storm. In reality, it is a collection of ideas, images, and information that enough people have chosen to preserve and disseminate. They were poor and desperate for jobs. The results are devastating, taking the force completely by surprise. A civilian corps gave them room, board, $1 a day. It would give up the modern Russian combat doctrine for NATO to analyze. A 2021 Russia Today (RT) video report on Hamas' extensive tunnel network has been shared online with false claims that it shows footage of a Russian journalist in …. They were good enough for Uncle Sam, they're good enough for you. Where did this video go? : r/CombatFootage. Mature Content] r/CombatFootage on Reddit: Hamas footage shows armed. Israel-Hamas war updates: Israel’s Jabalia attacks may be ‘war crimes’ – UN. THIS IS NOT A PRO-NAZI VIDEO!Music: Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the EarthFootage: Apocalypse: WWIICopyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copy. Looks like a coup is happening in Russia. WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage : uncensored Ukraine war footage. Israeli tanks advanced into Gaza on Friday night, meeting immediate resistance from Ham. Wednesday, March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day, a day established by former President Donald Trump in 2017 to recognize and honor veterans of the Vietnam War. RAW Footage Of Ukrainian Soldier 'Single Handedly' Battling …. HEAVY Close Quarter Battles | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper ReviewsAll footage unconfirmed. A New York Times photograph shows …. Body camera footage from police reveals how they managed to catch the criminal midair, WOIO reported. It shows fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) using a crudely made ladder to assault a building full of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops. nivivi • The bombing of the vicinity of Al-Azhar University, …. There was confirmation of multiple dogfights around Kyiv earlier in the first morning. The rest of the footage was lost a result of the invasion itself and of one junior officer, a Maj. Browse Getty Images’ premium collection of high-quality, authentic Graphic War Footage stock videos and stock footage. Isis is a bunch of scum bags but you have to admit they have provided some of the most intense modern day combat footage. LIVE STREAMS: WED/SUN - 7:30pm GMTWhat’s up troops, I’m Sean. Latest Combat Footage Chaos of war. We have a growing archive of Iraq war videos, Latin American Drug War Videos, war robot videos, Syria War Videos, Afghanistan War Videos, and other hotspots around the world. A combination of 45 combat videos from Iraq, most gun camera footage from Apache helicopters killing insurgents with 30mm fire and Hellfire missiles. r/CombatFootage: A forum for combat footage and photos from historical to ongoing wars. GoPro captures tense firefight during battle near Bakhmut. r/CombatFootage on Reddit: Is there any footage of the SAS guy. November 04, 2023 Timothy Frudd. Reply thrashart • Additional comment actions. POV UA footage out of Bakhmut : r/CombatFootage. For the kids, the old ladies, the women, the civilians, they truly suffer the horrors of …. WARNING - 18+ only due to subject matter. ly/1OraazCCheck out our website: http://forces. 28 Jun 2010 | Posted by Video Blogger. At the end of the day they took way more casualties than the coalition forces. "We know that in the end, maybe two, three, five years, I …. Funker530 is good curated stuff. World War II archive footage in HD. WSJ looks back at Israel's previous ground offensives into the. its just a dude in the field with a camera. Hamas' fighters released footage purporting to show an Israeli tank under attack. GoPro Footage Captures Ukrainian Soldier Stepping …. These Vietnam War photos taken by U. The problem is that i saw it around 3 years ago when it was first released but i just honestly can’t find it anywhere now, not even the original source which had a link to the soldier’s story about this 😭😭 Im playing around with english to arabic translator as im typing this so i will keep everyone updated if i find it. basically if iran didn't have the F-14s the outcome of the war could have been pretty different also. NSFW combat footage? : r/CombatFootage. 11 Oct 2011 | Posted by vlogger. Categories Video Army Vietnam War Editors' Picks Air Strikes Explosions Marine Corps Firefights Shock and Awe Combat. Mature Content] r/CombatFootage on Reddit: GoPro Footage of …. CombatFootage on Reddit: I put together a collection of 10 ">r/CombatFootage on Reddit: I put together a collection of 10. The Israelis have been on a nonstop hunt for Hamas terrorists for the brutal October 7th attack. Does watching videos of actual combat footage recorded by soldiers. Combat Footage: Air Assault Vietnam. To be fair it's like we could ask both countries the same thing. Welcome to the Combat Footage section of Reaper Feed. War videos taken from the front lines. Latest footage from the IDF shows an aircraft targeting HAMAS militants trying to cross into Israel 8th October 2023. Best air combat raw footage from civilians of Ukraine 2022Could the Ghost of Kyiv be captured in one or more of these videos?Fighter jets dogfighting, gettin. IDF spokesperson says military ‘powerfully deployed’ north of Gaza and civilians still urged to move south Israeli forces have surrounded Gaza City and are …. Israel’s death toll, of at least 1,400 people …. Israel has sent ground troops into Gaza to eradicate Hamas, after the militant group launched a surprise assault on Oct. In the footage, published online in December, a. People in Ukraine are posting combat footage on Reddit for engagements that are still ongoing. WW2 German Military Wehrmacht (Intense footage). Ukrainian Combat Footage Sept, 29th. 3/7 Marines in Sangin (Helmand Province of Afghanistan) 2010 -- Eight minutes of intense combat footage in Afghanistan including helmet cam perspective, heavy firefights, huge JDAMs and scenes. A video shows a Ukrainian battalion fighting off Russian troops in close-combat trench warfare. Redirecting to /r/CombatFootage/comments/174wg75/. Ukranian IFV shooting under a BRM-1k to hit the Russians hiding behind it. For information on obtaining fame efficiently, see Fame Farming. Most ejections result in herniated disks, fractures, broken arms, legs. Mature Content] r/CombatFootage on Reddit:. Posted by u/ [deleted] 6 months ago. 26 Jul 2011 | Posted by vlogger. satellite image of regions affected by climate change. This is some of the best footage I have come across, greatly enhanced by the extremely enthusiatic American crews! The joys of loving your workA mixture. Due-Ad-1285 • Hamas footage shows armed drone strike on a large group of IDF forces in Gaza. Before drone warfare shutting out communications and networks would be considered a war crime. A compilation of Vietnam War footage. Videos show close combat in Ukraine. Brutalized young women, one of them naked. If you enjoy our videos or project in general, and. German steps on ordinance, launched through trees, WW2, Combat Footage. Read the most popular combatfootage stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Check out the Ukrainian Merchandise at UA Supporter. 16 Jun 2010 | Posted by vlogger. This is mostly likely suggesting an entry wound from the right side of the head. /r/CombatFootage Mar 20, 17:03. A forum for combat footage and photos from historical to ongoing wars. The money to fund this war is taken out of the pockets of the Russian people. WW2: Intense Pacific Combat Footage. Earning Fame points in Albion Online is an important part of character. I just need to pull the links together. The last couple of years have been nuts. A forum for combat footage and photos from historical to ongoing wars… Premium Explore Gaming. It’s pretty much just raw body cam footage, including context and non-recorded info when possible. The craziest thing about this invasion is how almost in all of the videos people are driving around and going about their lives. Browse 4,202 combat footage graphic videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more footage and b-roll video clips. The British army commandos with much lower numbers ran circles around the Americans recently and made them surrender during war games. As many of my subscribers know, I produced a 6 part TV series on the 1960s that included an entire episode on Vietnam. Way too many brainlets out here shit talking lightly armoured vehicles for not being able to protect against something they were never intended to protect against. Smelly Feet: Causes, Treatments, and Outlook. 6,074 Combat Footage Graphic Stock Videos, 4K Footage and Video Clips. Browse 8,700+ graphic combat videos stock videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more stock footage and b-roll video clips. One by one, Russian troops are gunned down after the Ukrainian special operators enter a trench in a surprise attack. Categories Video Taliban Editors. The following graphic combat footage shows the infamous bloody ladder assault that took place in Darayya, a suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus. They captured, raped and murdered a young women from a music festival that was protesting for peace. As Ukraine is gearing up for a major counteroffensive, new video shows troops in a firefight near the embattled town of Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine. Major Ullman's orders to to transport the D-Day footage from. The terrorists left more than 1,400 people dead and kidnapped hundreds after launching a sneak terrorist attack inside Israel. Admin does not promote or endorse violence against individuals and DOES NOT SUPPORT OR CONDONE INDIVIDUALS/GROUPS FEATURED; everything is for entertainment and archival/educational purposes. All questions, thoughts, ideas, and what not go here. The video shows how the Russians began to panic, causing them to run over some of the soldiers they had just dropped off. Ukrainian sergeant explains why. Hindsight is 20/20, but you have to make a decision in the moment. A lot of stuff gets uploaded to Kaotic nowadays, you do have to sift through a lot of just general gore but it's there. We are here to moderate the Combat Footage forum/community, NOT pick sides in a very complicated and tense geopolitical conflict. Footage shows 'Challenger 2' British tank in action before. According to the battalion’s post. Helmet cam combat footage shows pro Ukrainian troops in offensive operations, reportedly in Bakhmut. The intense fighting led to numerous casualties and the. The Pentagon was later accused of dramatizing details of the rescue to lift waning public support for the war. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The video regularly switches between first person view and Drone cam. Even though rebels have always produced more "spectacular" combat footage, we shouldn't forget the fact that any ol' Tuesday afternoon airstrike from the Syrian army is likely to kill more rebels than this entire video. The repercussions are what will be huge. We've upped the amount of reports before automod steps in, and we've added moderators to reflect the 350k new users. Of course, it's not quite as impressive as this, thus it is also less memorable than this. Helmet cam combat footage from Afghanistan shows US Soldiers in a heavy firefight with Taliban fighters before the fight was ended by a KIOWA helicopter stri. We invite you to engage with the footage, share your thoughts, and contribute to respectful discussions about the realities depicted. I wonder what was going on inside the mind of the first guy after receiving the first bullet, just before the second and third one. reddit2telegram @r_channels https://www. Shocking video shows true horror of Putin's war as Russian planes bombard Ukraine SPINE-CHIlLLING combat footage out of Ukraine has shown the moment a Russian fighter jet opens fire dangerously. And this is just one piece of the despicable acts they committed in …. Video shows 22 Afghan commandos executed by the Taliban. We've upped the amount of reports before automod steps in, and we've added. Panic-buying breaks out in #Moscow, #Russia as shoppers fight over sugar. A forum for combat footage and photos from historical to ongoing wars… A forum for combat footage and photos from historical to ongoing wars…. 11,001 • 1 day ago Israeli Tank Crew Reacts to Contact with Hamas 18,076 • 1 day ago Ukrainian Troops Don't Let Russian Artillery Interrupt Smoke Break 7,014 • 1 day ago …. Royalty-free 4K, HD and analogue stock Graphic War Footage videos are. Combat Footage Graphic Videos and HD Footage. Ukraine war: INTENSE GoPro Combat Footage captured. The US government also calls on its government employees in Turkey to reduce their movements around the country to a minimum. 20 Kg of Explosives detonated safely by Indian Army after cornering a terrorist. Vojno krilo Hamasa, Brigade Al-Qassam objavile su u utorak video koji prikazuje njihove borce kako se suočavaju s izraelskim prodorom u Gazu preko prijelaza Erez, sjeverozapadno od pojasa Gaze. Fact Check: RT report on Gaza tunnels predates Oct 2023 Israel …. r/CombatFootage • by aSimpleUkrainian Warriors of the special police battalion Skif from the Lyut’ (Fury) brigade noticed 2 ru soldiers and sent an FPV drone, one of the soldiers noticed the drone, threw away his weapon and raised his hands, after that drone operator chose running ru soldier as a target Zaporizhie, September 2023. The fixed complex of EW "Field-21" was detected and damaged by the drones of 59th Motorized Brigade. (Hmu if you got a r/combatfootage link for that one, my link is twitter). More people need to know how brutal war is as it will build support to stop it from happening. See this extraordinary combat footage from WWII! Watch, as it begins with the German soldiers marching in their famous or – depending on your preference – infamous goose-step at several military parades. The Assad government, ISIS, opposition rebel groups, Russia, Turkey, and the U. According to initial reports, the suspect, 21-year-old Artem Ryabchuk, began shooting those around him during a weapons. Low-intensity is IEDs, RPGs and machine guns against the odd armored vehicle. Ukraine combat footage: Russian trench assault captured on GoPro. *There are other threads were you can post normal war footages not violent ones. Database of 305 videos exposes the horrors of war in Ukraine. What is NSFW NSFW is internet talk, meaning " N ot S afe F or W ork". Ukrainian helicopters attack : r/CombatFootage. the war produced quiet a few Ace pilots that nowadays is hard to come by. Combat Footage You Never Saw. We all know the SS have a dark history for many reasons throughout world war 2, But they were still extremely fierce and well-experienced fighters winning Ge. Browse 7,362 authentic afghanistan war stock videos, stock footage, and video clips available in a variety of formats and sizes to fit your needs, or explore afghanistan war soldier or afghanistan war us stock videos to discover the perfect clip for your project. The most common side effects of Prolia® in women being treated for osteoporosis after menopause are back pain, pain in your arms and legs, high cholesterol, muscle pain, and bladder infection. Definetly sad about that, those guys have to work with shitty equipment but some of them are really good fighters. The war ukr-rus give us so many pov clip. Ukrainian Foreign Legion In Heavy Urban Combat With. Frontline videos offer grim, close. Marine Smokes Taliban Fighters With M249 SAW (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*) Combat FootageSupport the channel here - https://patreon. WCC is posted every Friday at 5:00 PM, US, West Coast time. SSgt David Bellavia, 2/2 Infantry U. If you want to support this channel you can buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi. Approximately 20 minutes ago, Ukrainian drones struck Dzhankoy, Crimea, apparently targeting the air base there. A Russian soldier takes on 4 Ukrainian soldiers in close combat. to/2IbPkNv*Gloves: https://amzn. This film, made by the government to t. Israeli air-strikes destroyed a Hamas air detection platform 'developed by Hamas over the years'. MARSOC Marine Raiders Combat Footage. com">Apache Gunship Combat Footage. Left untreated, it can start to smell. In addition, uncensored war footage has helped to challenge the propaganda and. In addition to compiling footage from across Ukrainian and russian-occupied territories, Dattalion hosts a database of verified eyewitness accounts of russian aggression, war crimes and acts of genocide in Ukraine. Ukrainian forces use a tank, anti tank weapons, and artillery to destroy multiple Russian infantry squads. The war has caused the most serious refugee crisis in modern times. compilation of Iraq combat footage from 2003. It has also sparked outrage and anger at the atrocities committed by Russian forces. It's one of a number of videos documenting the group's guerrilla tactics against …. I was just thinking watching this I have never seen or maybe even heard of such a scenario. Video of Russian speaking soldier shooting a MG gunner and his head explodes like a video game. Death Step is a leg/kick based Fighting Style, which can be learned from Phoeyu, the Reformed in the Second Sea or Third Sea. IDF Shells Hamas Targets - Hell On Earth. Saw this yesterday on this sub or combat edits but I couldn’t find it on either. General Personal Security (PERSEC) Rule. A Swedish volunteer in Ukraine said in an interview that he had a hand to hand fight with a Russian. Categories Video Editors' Picks Afghanistan Firefights Special Operations Shock and Awe Combat. America even TRAINED THE TALIBAN and they beat Russias ass in the 80s with that training. The soldiers systematically clear one rubbled dwelling after another and use hand grenades to clear bind spots. Apache Helicopters In Action – Combat Footage. Video: Harrowing First Hours of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine. WW2: Intense Pacific Combat Footage. It’s what combat looks like for civilians. By Benjamin Hart, staff editor at Intelligencer who joined New York in 2017. Redirecting to /r/CombatFootage/comments/17m267f/. This military helmet cam review article covers some of the best military action cameras you can buy. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. Yes it should be on reddit, and it definitely belongs on r/combatfootage. Not huge into combat footage but looking for bodycam footage of green berets, the more recent the better, for a school project. It is reported that this is the abducted family of the head of Motyzhin, Olga Sukhenko, her husband and presumably son, who went missing on March 23. The website has a limited collection of sports torrents. For combat footage and fights here on Reddit. Western sanctions have hit Russian food supply lines, resulting in shortages in some regions and causing prices to jump 12. This documentary clip mixes raw footage with re-enactments that tell part of. Choisissez votre activité préférée et combattez dans les arènes du monde entier! Vous et un ami pouvez vous battre, faire la course et essayer de définir de nouveaux scores élevés dans chaque classement. WARNING GRAPHIC - A collection of some of the most brutal and incredible footage from WWII. Man, GUR (UA Military Intelligence) doesn't seem to hold back. The Ultimate Military Archive covers events,. The site was founded on 31 October 2006, in part by the team behind the Ogrish. Nos jeux à 2 joueurs incluent toutes sortes de matchs uniques et intenses. Bayraktar TB2 destroyed Russian patrol …. Funker530: Combat footage and military news for the veteran community. The GoPro-style video, filmed on a camera attached to a Ukrainian soldier's helmet, shows the smoky ruin of Russian trenches littered with corpses after the unit mounted a series of surprise. Russia's extensive fortifications force Ukrainians to fight through minefields and into trenches. It is filmed using a personal head or body attached GoPro camera by Ukrainian infantryman defending his trench from the advancing wave of russians. I’m looking for some up close combat videos you you could send me some links that would be great. Curiously, Yemen used to favor Western weapon systems until the early 80's. Historic Iwo Jima footage gives rare look at Marines in the ">Historic Iwo Jima footage gives rare look at Marines in the. MMA Torrents is one of the best sports torrent websites focusing on mixed martial arts. r/CombatFootage • by Able_Dance8865 Ukrainian defenders push back Russian assault on trench (date and location unknown but connected with the well known trench video from Russian source). These mines would be a lot more effective if they paired them with AP mines for the dismounting infantry. Relatively cheap and lightweight, it can stay airborne for 27 hours and carry a …. This page contains the status effects in Fear & Hunger. Community driven reporting on the ongoing war in Ukraine - Videos, photos, discussions, this subreddit aims to cover both sides of the narrative and allows intelligent discussions. Passers by look at war crimes proof. We want to express our condolence for the families of the all the civilians and Ukrainian soldiers who have died in this …. com/robterkla Subscribe Here - http://bit. Moral Combat is a podcast hosted by siblings Nathan and Zach Blaustone. Su-30 claimed by UA MoD, though camo might seem like an Su-34. A-10s protecting NATO and US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq by strafing and bombing enemy forces and terrorists. In fact, the Army started to stock their M167 (and a few M163) following the adoption of ZSU-23/4 in the mid-90's. Commanders @ Seahawks NFL Game Pass. Best Military Equipment:*Bagpack: https://amzn. US Air Force F-16 Cockpit View fighter plane Take off and LandingThe General Dynamics F 16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter ai. It is the upgraded version/variant of Dark Step, making it more powerful in every aspect. The United States Air Force Combat Control Teams, singular Combat Controller ( CCT) ( AFSC 1Z2X1), are an elite special operations force (specifically known as "special tactics operators") who specialize in all aspects of air-ground communication, including air traffic control, fire support (including fixed and rotary wing close air support. NSFW in a title means mature content ahead. An open topic post about tanks, tankers, schematics, videos, photos, news and links to other places with tank content and resources. The Reaper Feed combat footage sector functions as a library and resource base for combat footage captured in various conflict zones around the world. VIDEO: Russian Infantry Squad Ambushed by Ukraine's Azov. Palestine militant group Hamas released fresh footage of its fighters hiding in the ruins in Beit Hanoun city to attack Israeli forces. /r/CombatFootage – Telegram. A drone operator from the 79th Ukrainian Airborne Assault Brigade destroys two Russian Igla Manpads hiding Russian soldiers have left behind. Fakes related to the conflict have been limited and largely unconvincing, but their presence has people doubting real evidence. And by the way, if you are looking for some personal protection gear, we are advising to. Royalty-free 4K, HD, and analog stock Combat Footage Graphic. The following testimony of a landmine survivor from the War in Donbass was provided by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): Sheltering in the basement of his family home in eastern Ukraine, 71-year-old …. I was up late last night watching combat footage and documentaries from both the Pacific and the European theaters and maybe I am the only one that has this opinion. com/CombatVeteranWHOAMI's Channel! https://youtu. Residental buildings are being heavily occupied by the terrorists, making the situation tense. 40mm grenade launchers made by PDF in Bago Region. Plus, explore over 11 million high-quality video and footage clips in every . First F-35 combat footage from Israel. Members Online IDF attack order from the commander of Southern command major general Yaron Finkleman. Combat Footage Graphic stock videos and footage. Basically a high intensity conflict assumes a complete war or a major engagement of the uniformed forces of two states. HTS attack against Regime position. For instance, I feel like the troops in the footage are always a little too calm, I never see the enemy in the same …. More than a century after the first British tanks trundled forth to battle in World War I in an effort to breach German trenches, high-resolution combat footage posted by the second battalion of Ukraine’s 54 th Mechanized Brigade shows that the tactical concept hasn’t gone away. In one scene a Russian soldier can be seen throwing a grenade at the defending troops.